Monday, February 22, 2016

Getting Up

There is nothing more counter productive than doubt. Lately I have felt motivated but not active, instead, I sat back and "thought" about my next move. Of course I knew what needed to be done, just did not have the energy to get up and get going. It was a conversation with my brother that brought me back to reality. I believe hard work and practice will bring my goals closer to reality. By no means would I consider myself a good photographer but I did realize that sitting back and "thinking" about it was only pushing me further away. So I got up and took off, back into the mountains with no distractions just hiking around enjoying the beauty. I completely surround myself with the true things that motivate me.

It was then I realized my next move was to get up, get out and go back to what I love. If you find yourself doubting just remember you can do it.

A little creek in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Plum tree in full bloom

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